What a day

2 januari 2015 in Blogs, Geen categorie, Israel Live, Kijk mee, Palestijnse bezette gebieden Live

The sun is shining I feel good! And nothing is gonna stop me now..

This represented my feeling of this day. The lovely sun did a good job and gave me a happy feeling. We went to Artas Village. Where there are the Solomon Pools. These are very old and was a natural source for drinking water for Jerusalem en Bethelehem. But not anymore because the Israeli side demolished the source why it is impossible now. We also visited the museum with old Palestinian habits like the Bedouin and from the Ottoman Empire. After we did a nice folkloric performance with the small guys what was fantastic! Then we followed the mountains for some nice hiking. I was so surprised by the garbage what everyone just dropped on the street! So many insects and dirtiness, unbelievable.. It was a great place but I was happy when my nice bus driver came to pick us up! Thanks homy for all the save drives..

Buy buuuy,
Romana Lenarduzzi

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